As a creative person, often I find myself conscious of the creative choices that went in to the making of whatever I’m viewing or reading. Often I think, "I see what they’re doing there, that’s awesome." But every now and then I experience something so novel that it’s not even obvious to me how the effect was achieved, or how a piece was put together. Citizen Kane was like that for me. Going back and watching scenes in the film, I knew Orson Welles was doing something incredible, but he was on a level so much higher than me creatively that I couldn't say what it is or how he’s doing it. It’s that kind of feeling that clues me in that I’m experiencing a creation of historic import, something that truly pushes the boundaries of the medium. Kentucky Route Zero feels that way to me.


On the surface it’s about an antiques dealer in Kentucky trying to make a delivery… but to do so he must go down a secret underground road called Route Zero. All this you learn in the first minutes of the game,  I don’t want to give much more away. 

KRZ Road

The Takeaway:

KRZ showed me that a video game can have the depth, complexity, and poetry of a great work of literature.

Kentucky Route Zero is available on Steam and Humble Bundle.